Wednesday, February 1, 2017

CrowdGrader Pricing

CrowdGrader runs on the Google Cloud, which guarantees top-notch security, high availability, full scalability, and geographically distributed replicas of the data to ensure that the student work is not lost. In order to help pay for this infrastructure,  we started charging for the service. The intention is to provide an affordable service, while covering the costs.

Each assignment can be either instructor-sponsored or  student-supported.

Instructor-Sponsored Assignments

Instructor-sponsored assignments come in three tiers:
  • Free: up to 10 students
  • Small: $2.99, up to 35 students
  • Medium: $6.99, up to 100 students
  • Large: $13.98, unlimited students
The prices above are per-assignment.

Student-Supported Assignments.

  • Three-weeks free trial. A three-week trial period gives students time to sort out any payment issues at the beginning of a class. 
  • $1.99/six months: Students pay a non-refundable $1.99 subscription fee for six months of access to CrowdGrader.  
Subscription can be renewed, but they do not auto-renew. The access period determines when students can submit solutions to CrowdGrader: students can perform reviews, or view their feedback, at any time.

In a month or so, we will take a look at the costs vs. income, and we will assess whether we can lower prices.  We hope you consider our service good value for the money, and we thank our users for their support.

Payment Terms and Conditions

Please refer to the Payment Terms and Conditions governing payments and refunds.

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