Saturday, April 25, 2015

Calendar view, multiple assignment download, and more

This weekend brought several improvements to CrowdGrader.  This is a mix of what users wanted, and what we thought they would like.

Calendar View

We have introduced a calendar view for assignments.  Keeping track of the various deadlines should be much easier now!

Multiple Assignment Download

Instructors can now download the grades for multiple assignments at once, simplifying class management.

Clone Group Membership

When cloning assignments, it is now possible to clone also the group membership of students.  This should make it easier to run classes where student work in the same groups throughout the class. Students can still edit their membership, should something change from one assignment to the other.

We hope this changes will make your work as instructors easier.  Enjoy! - and give us feedback: we love implementing features that make your life easier. 

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