Monday, September 8, 2014

Simpler assignment creation and class list management

We just rolled out a few more features!

Simpler assignment creation

Only one type of assignment

There is no longer a distinction between standard assignments (where the instructor specifies a class list) and open assignments (where students can self-enroll by clicking on a join link provided by the instructor).

Rather, the instructor can always edit the class list, adding and removing students, and also has the option of handing out the join link if desired.

You can now clone assignments

We have implemented one of the top user requests: you can now clone assignments.  So, once you create the first assignment for your class, you can create the subsequent assignments by cloning the first assignment, changing just the title and the submission and review dates.

When you clone an assignment, you create an assignment that is identical to the cloned one, except for:

  • The name ("Copy of " is added to the name)
  • The dates (you have to provide new dates).
The class list is copied over. 

Note that, as explained below, each assignment has its own class list.  So, if you clone an assignment, then add a student to either the cloned or the original assignment, the student is not automatically added to the other assignment.  For this reason, if you expect the students enrolled in the class to change, you might want to wait and clone assignments only just before the clones are needed, so their class list will contain all changes since the start of the class.

Simpler class list management

We have simplified the management of class lists.  Each assignment has its own class list, not shared with any other assignment.  You can edit the list as one of the options in the assignment: 
Selecting Class List will take you to a page where you can interactively edit the class list, as well as downloading it.

If you need to manually copy the class list from one assignment to another, you can first download it, then cut and paste it into the class list of the other assignment:
If you need to do this frequently, let us know, and we may provide some better import options.

As always, if you had any feedback, we would love to hear from you.  You can contact us at

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