Sunday, March 16, 2014

CrowdGrader via HTTPS: Secure Your Connection

You can now access CrowdGrader over HTTPS!

We encourage everybody to access CrowdGrader over HTTPS, rather than HTTP, to protect your data and your identity.  The benefits of HTTPS are:

  • Your data is protected.  Homework solutions and reviews are transmitted encrypted to CrowdGrader, secure from prying eyes.
  • Nobody can impersonate you and steal your access credentials. When you access CrowdGrader, you authenticate to the website via a cookie.  If you connect over an insecure network (such as an open WiFi access point, not protected by password), other people over the same network can steal your cookie and impersonate you.  By connecting to CrowdGrader over HTTP, your communication is encrypted, and nobody can steal your cookie.
For the time being, we are still allowing unencrypted connections over HTTP, but we are considering making the use of HTTPS compulsory.

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